How many hours do you spend on your business a week?

Posted by Fatima Yvonne on

It is a simple question, how many hours a week do you spend on your business?

5,10,15,20, hours a week or more, or less? 

Are you consistently putting the same amount of hours in your business each week? 

Or do you vary the amount of time you put in based on whats is going on that week?

For example, this week you don't have any dates planned, holidays, or birthdays, so you put 15 hours into your business. Next week you are invited out to the bar Friday night and Saturday is your moms birthday and you spend the whole day with her.  So this week, you put no hours into your business, because of your busy schedule and how productive you were the week prior.  But, imagine how much closer you would be to your goals if you consistently put 5 or 10 hours a week in your business. Possibly reaching more people who would enjoy your niche and generate more sales.  We have all heard the phrases "consistency is the key" and "hard work pays off", but we don't do these things.  Listening to a podcast of successful people, they mention working hard consistently even when it didn't seem to be moving them forward.  And how hard it is to do, and that is what separates people who are successful and those who are not. 

This is not to attack anyone, because this is definitely something that I struggle with personally. Especially based on how my work week has gone and my plans for my off days or time after work. For a long time I held myself to just making a video a week and going to networking events when I could. But now with things I currently have in place I need to drive more people to Peace Love and Artistry LLC. I have a website, instagram, facebook, soundcloud and a linktree. Much more progress then I have had in the past. With the newest things things being my website and linktree. Now that I have everything I want, it is time to show people what I am working with. You are the voice of your company you can not depend on other people to promote you or figure out what goods and services you have to offer. 

And what better way to show people what you are working with, then by consistently putting hours in your business weekly. Figuring out creative ways to showcase your business services or advertise yourself.  Working on your business could also be doing research on things you want to incorporate in your business in the future. It is just learning new information that will help you work towards bettering your business over time.

So if you really and truly want to be successful in your business put the time and hard work into your business consistently and be most importantly patient with the process. 

You can do it, I believe in you!

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